I would be wary of SkinNV in Tampa

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Though the aestheticians very knowledgeable, and I was pleased with the procedure, I would not go back to this spa or recommend my friends to this spa either. With SO many options in S Tampa, I am disappointed with this level of customer service.

I purchased 2 Groupons for a Micropeel(it was my first Groupon and I was new to the process). I did not pay attention to the "Limit 1 per person" because I did not know there was a limit until I printed it out. (Again, never purchased a Groupon before, lesson learned). Since purchasing other Groupons, I have discovered each company is subjective as far as their enforcement of this rule.

I scheduled my first peel and received a phone call reminder from the receptionist the day before. Within an hour I also recieved an email stating that if I did not respond confirming my appointment it would be cancelled. I had to call back to verify that I did actually confirm an hour before on the phone.

The day of, the receptionist called me to reschedule because she had double-booked me.

So a week later I finally received the peel, and as I was checking out at the end, I said "I would like to schedule my other one to redeem the 2nd Groupon". The receptionist said "Well, you're supposed to buy one for you and one as a gift... but we'll schedule it out far enough away from the today's so no one will notice".

Like clockwork I get a confirmation call and email the day before my 2nd appointment and nothing whatsoever is said regarding not being able to use the Groupon.

I come in for my 2nd peel, and as Im checking out, the receptionist completely plays dumb and says "yeah, so we cant accept your Groupon today because they're limit 1 per person and you already used the other one for your last appointment." She acted like we never talked about it previously and she had no problem charging me the full $80 for the 2nd apoointment as if I had just scheduled a normal follow-up.

It wasnt that I had to pay full price that bothered me. I understand that they are choosing to enforce the "Limit 1 per person" policy.

What bothered me was that she scheduled my 2nd peel leading me to believe i would be able to use my 2nd Groupon. She said NOTHING to me about not being able to use it when she "confirmed" my appointment the day before. And she acted like it was nothing to charge me the full price when she knew we scheduled my 2nd appointment to REDEEM my 2nd Groupon.

Her suggestion was that I give the Groupon to someone as a gift.

Here's the problem, between the scheduling issues, communication issues and lack of customer service. Im not interested in giving any of my friends the "Gift" of a Bait and Switch.

And their prices are ridiculous which is why they wont put prices for anything in their literature. I was charged $77 for a tube of Obagi


Its unfortunate that they were willing to loose a customer for life. They are not the only MedSpa in S Tampa, so now I will be getting my micropeels, IPL, and Fraxel elsewhere.

They were more interested in getting thier $150 than keeping a customer for life. Not a good long-term business strategy...

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